About Hopper

Hoppers mission is to transform personal transportation with a strict focus on environmentally sound solutions and a superior user experience.

An environmentally conscious startup

Hopper is a mobility concept that takes care of you and your loved ones in traffic. Report speed cameras and avoid speeding tickets while thousands of other Hoppers jointly improve our traffic safety.

The Hopper app makes use of advanced algorithms that ensure that you only receive speed camera warnings for the road you are currently driving on. Unlike other existing solutions, you can hereby wave goodbye to false alerts from nearby roads.

In short: With Hopper you get everything that makes your trip more happy.

The Hopper app is constantly evolving, so you can expect frequent improvements and new features.

Hopper consists of a strong senior team with a diverse skillset and decades of experience within the technology sector. Aside from a strong team hopper is backed by solid financials and senior guidance by being part of the family of companies, owned by Consolidated Holdings A/S.

Consolidated Holdings A/S has several world-renowned companies in its portfolio and more than USD 500 million in equity.